DJ John Johnson

DJ John Johnson

Baltimore, United States
My name is John Johnson aka DJ John Johnson from Baltimore. I began my journey as a DJ in 1980 at age 15. House Music was not really exposed to me at that time so I began my journey with Hip Hop, Rap and RnB. I initially began playing house parties in my city and received my first residency at a nightclub called “ The Baltimore OakTree” in 1989 in which I played every Friday and Saturday from 8pm to 2am for 2 ½ years. Our equipment consisted of 3 twelves and a Urei mixer with 16 Cerwin Vega subs pushing the bass. That was one of my greatest accomplishments. I can play all styles of music but my passion is “House”. That’s where I spend the most time and effort. I love what this sound does to others. Creating an atmosphere of peace and freedom without worry. I truly get energized thru watching others groove as I play. I also have experience with all levels of equipment set ups.
Contact info 443-416-7466 as well as Facebook.

My years of experience include the playing at the following Clubs and events:
The Baltimore Oaktree (1989 – 1991) residency
Collective Minds Music Festival (2013) member
Club 347 (2013) guest
Pulse Nightclub (2015) guest
Gatsby’s (1991) residency
The Frankford Room (1991) guest
32nd Street Plaza (1991) residency
Red Maple (2013) guest
Lemelles Luxury Lounge(Chicago 2016) guest
88.9 fm The Audioinfusion (2012 – Pres) guest
Ongoing guest appearances on Phillynitesradio, Cyberjamz, Handzonradio, and Facethebasslive



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